Cocktail Bitters
Cocktail Bitters
Cocktail Bitters
Cocktail Bitters

Cocktail Bitters

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Inspired by the golden age of cocktails. Old fashioned aromatics and opulent orange unite in this stimulating celebration of classic bitters. Cocktail Bitters are an organic, all-purpose flavor enhancer reminiscent of traditional pre-prohibition bitters updated for modern times with some unexpected additions to conjure new nostalgia.

Small batched and hand bottled.

Retail size: 60 ml / 2 fl oz


Notes of carrot and turbinado sugar lend a mellow sweetness while baking spice aromatics and orange swirl together in a vibrant cacophony of flavor. This all purpose bitter is perfectly suited for the novice or expert bartender as it elevates any drink into a true Cocktail.


Old Fashioned, Hot Toddy, Sidecar, Whiskey Sour, or Champagne Cocktail


bourbon, rye, brandy, rum, sherry, vermouth, lemon, black tea, peach, apple, pecan, maple, honey


An essential component of any good time libation. Traditional bitters were made with aromatics that aid digestion, the liver, and the body’s detoxification processes. For thousands of years these enlivening aromatics have been valued for promoting good health and vitality, as well as good luck, wealth, and abundance. Cheers to your health!


Cardamom is used to treat indigestion and headaches. Warming and stimulating.

Ginger is a traditional cold remedy and anti-inflammatory. Antioxidants improve overall health.

Orange is used to enliven the mind and relieve depression. Relaxes intestinal spasms.


+ Improve digestion +

+ Energize and uplift +

+ Promote cellular health +