Creature Stud Earrings
Creature Stud Earrings

Creature Stud Earrings

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Originated from found beach stones that have been playfully arranged.

Brass with sterling silver posts.



"Made from real stones that I collected from one of my favorite beaches in California, BEACH STONES celebrates the organic fluidity and spontaneity that occurs in an ocean-tumbled stone. Each stone I collected was cast from it's 100% original shape.
BEACH STONES was designed by me with a little help from my friend, The Ocean.
To all you secret crustaceans, you tardigrades, you anglerfish, you merpeople:
Let’s pretend we are swimming today. Let’s let the waves wash over us with salty sparkles and cool caresses.
Let’s let the sand get in our hair and under our scales and in our gills.
I feel the webbing growing in between my fingers and toes..." - Amy Morrell
All Water Sand Stone jewelry is handcrafted by Amy Morrell in her workshop in Oakland, CA.